It’s not a look; it’s a reflection of life created!

We’re shifting the connotation!

To have had an opportunity to bear a child or children is a reward; a gift! It’s time we shift the “Mom Body” connotation to what it should be, a celebration!

Mom Body Pride is  celebration of the amazing miracle we performed, the sacrifice we willingly made, and the amazing capabilities of our bodies!

This body carried and brought a life or lives into this world! That’s what makes it a Mom Body!

Workshops/ Events

Bloom Event

Mom Body Pride will be at the Bloom Event, celebrating motherhood! We will have apparel ready to be taken home with you as well as pre-order options.  We will also have information regarding Coaching, Counseling, and Workshops!  This will be an exciting and fun event….we can’t wait to see all of you amazing moms there!